Groezrock coming up!

Apparently we have both sweet and loyal friends/fans because you voted for us all the way to the slot at Groezrock festival. So on the 2nd of May we will travel to Belgium. THANK YOU!
For tickets and info on Groezrock go HERE!

Upcoming dates this spring looks something like this at the moment:

2-May-2015 – Groezrock Festival, Meerhout, Belgium (BE)
26-May-2015 – King Creole, Estepona (ES)
27-May-2015 – Sala Quilombo, Granada (ES)
28-May-2015 – Four Seasons, Castellon (ES)
29-May-2015 – Café Antzoki, Bilbao (ES)
30-May-2015 – Llanes, Asturias (ES)
31-May-2015 – Wurlitzer Ballroom, Madrid (ES)

Tour excitement!

New recordings and stuff!

We have been hanging out in the Kapsylen studio with Jugglo Wall to record new tracks. Looks like there will be some kind of release next year! Yey!

Also, super stoked to announce our first booked show for 2015. Mais oui, it will be in France again! We’ll be playing at Festival des Artefacts together with the awesome The Love Me Nots. For information and tickets, go HERE! 8 of April, save the date!

Love/Tiger Bell