When we thought we were gonna have some time to write and rehearse new songs Debaser invited us to support awesome band The Concept this very Saturday at Medis. Songwriting is gonna have to wait ’cause we’re gonna make you D-d-dance! For more info on the show go HERE

We’ve had a blast playing Sundsvall, Åland and Malmö. Local newspaper Sundsvalls tidning wrote really kind words after our show. And before our visit in Malmö Demobanken introduced us to all southern swedes.

Now and then we get a lot of nice comments on our Facebook and Twitter. We just want you to know it means a lot to us <3 (<--- epic internet heart). See you out there! //Tigers

Merry christmas, Finland report and Twitter!

Finland was awesome! So many nice people. You guys we’re also the first to buy our Tiger Bell bag in red or blue – lucky you! 😉 Stay put for some new photos on Flickr, coming soon.

Just a few days until christmas – we wish you a merry christmas and a happy new year! We’re looking forward to 2012 – bring it on!

And hey, gotta be on Twitter as well – follow us at @tigerbellband