We’re finished with the recordings!

Yesterday we recorded the last back up vocals and guitars on the album. There’s still a long way to go with mix and mastring but the recordings are done! Yey!

We made a Spotify playlist with songs that have inspired us in the making of this album. Hope you like it!

Also, here are some pics from the last session. See ya! /TB

Rockfoto hälsade på i studion..

Vi blev glada att Rockfoto ville komma och hälsa på oss i studion. Läs reportaget från deras besök här!

Det fina fotot är taget av Regina Weckström / Rockfoto.


1 november fortsätter vi inspelningarna. Fram tills dess —–> REPA SOM GALNINGAR!


Studio update!

We’ve recorded five songs so far. We’ll continue the recordings in a couple of weeks. Can’t wait! Here are some pics from the first studio session.

Here is also a nice interview with Mattias from Punkcentralen.

On Saturday (6th of October) we’ll be playing at Club King Kong at Mosebacke Etablissemang with Mankind (go check’em out!). Free entry! Here’s a link to the Facebookevent.

So many good things happening right now! We’re so happy!

Turist i tillvaron Vol. 4 out now!

Hey everyone!

We’re so proud to be a part of the Swedish punk compilation Turist i tillvaron. Volume 4 featuring our track ”Na Na Na” just arrived in the mailbox and it’s out on Spotify as we speak!. This is the cover:

If you want to know more about the compilation such as which other bands that are on it and how to get your hands on it (except buying it from us at shows) go HERE!

We got some nice reviews both from Punkcentralen and Lukinzine. Thank you so much both of you!

See ya! //TB


Idag är det officiellt! Vi kommer upp till Luleå för en spelning på Luleåkalaset! Det blir första gången för Tiger Bell i stan vilket känns fantastiskt kul eftersom tre av oss kommer därifrån!

Så, gott folk, lördag 4 augusti kl 21.00 på Hamnscenen. Ses där!

För mer info om festivalen GO HERE!

The 7 inch is here!

Today we received a package from the german boys. Yes, you know what it is! The ”Wanna Wanna” orange 7 inch vinyl has finally arrived. We’ll keep you updated on where you can find it, but for now, buy it on our shows or write us an email and we’ll figure something out! tigerbellband at gmail.com

Loooooook at this beautiful thing!!!

And as we said once before, for you digital people we got the songs up on ITunes, Spotify and Wimp as well.

Wanna Wanna – single release!

Big News! Since we’re into punk music we like to do punky stuff ourselves. Therefore right now some german boys are pressing Tiger Bells first 7 inch ever! We’ll let you know when it’s ready for order. Of course we’ll bring it on shows as well! The tracks will be ”Wanna Wanna” (a-side) and ”German Boy” (b-side). This will be the cover – look at this little beauty! (design by Mattis Karlsson)

And for you digital people we got the songs up on ITunes, Spotify and Wimp as well.

Oh, and some more shows are added under, well yeah, the show section!
This is sooooooooo exciting!

lots of love!