Musikguiden i P3 session 24 april!

Klart är det nu att vi gör en live session i P3s Musikguiden den 24 april. Vi får sällskap av ingen mindre med Britta Persson. Ändå lite kul för att vår ena producent Per Nordmark spelar trummor med henne!

Tävla och vinn biljetter för att se spektaklet live på plats!

Now, let’s switch language to English and write about these awesome photos Erich Zann took at La Ciel in Grenoble!

We’re back home!

We’re back home in Sweden. It feels kind of strange.. Still suffering from post traumatic tour syndrome I guess..

On Saturday we will celebrate the release of Slaughter’s Daughter on Debaser Slussen in Stockholm. We will play at 11 pm and as support we have the awesome band Thundermother. So looking forward to that.

We will get back to you soon with more fun and updates. For now, here’s a clip from France TV

And hey, take a look at this awesome photo by Sarah Bastin from Paris.


See ya Saturday!

New pic and Switzerland!

Yes, as you might noticed entering this page we have a new header. Might indicate that we’re up to something… Hmm, maybe you’re right. Keep your eyes (and maybe ears?) open. The awesome pic is taken by Per Krisitansen.

Also another show added. We’ll be visiting Switzerland in the middle of our tour in France. Yes! Zurich on the 27th of March. See ya there!


Happy New Year!

Thank you so much for making 2012 in to a wonderful year for us. Since 2013 is going to be even more great we’re so excited.

2012 took us all the way up to Luleå down to Malmö and back playing shows. We released our first 7 inch AND recorded an album that will be out this year.

We spent last weekend in Luleå playing a show at Föreningsgatan 7 together with Utbrott, Dick Tracy and Könsförrädare (check those bands out by the way). Also, we made a music video for a new song called Slaughters Daughter. The song is named after the local Roller Derby team in Luleå so we couldn’t be more happy that they agreed to do the video together with us. We spent one day in Arcushallen in Luleå recording with the team. Awesome girls – all of them. Check out their homepage. And big thanks to Blåfilm for making the video happen. Also we couldn’t be more happier about that one of the team members turned out to be an awesome photographer. She took some beautiful pics during the day. Thank you Carolina Makkula! Check them out.

We’re finished with the recordings!

Yesterday we recorded the last back up vocals and guitars on the album. There’s still a long way to go with mix and mastring but the recordings are done! Yey!

We made a Spotify playlist with songs that have inspired us in the making of this album. Hope you like it!

Also, here are some pics from the last session. See ya! /TB