Getting closer…

Not far now until the album drops! On Saturday (5th of Oct) we’ll be having a releaseparty at Brooklyn Bar / Debaser Strand. We won’t play live but we will play the album for you! Also Malin from awesome blog will dj. The whole thing starts at 9 pm and finishes at 11pm. So don’t be late. And, yes, there will be surprises.

image Today cd’s arrived. They’re looking awesome don’t you think?

There’s one thing though that troubles us.. It seems like we won’t be getting the LP’s in time for the party on Saturday.. Don’t know what happened really or who fucked up but it is how it is…

Oh, and on wednesday we’ll be playing a short live session for Wimp at Story Hotel in Stockholm.

Lot’s of nice stuff happening right now! Feels goooooood!
//Tiger Bell (now with pins)



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