Listen to our new single Slaughter’s Daughter!

Did you miss the premiere of our new single Slaughter’s Daughter yesterday. Or maybe you just want to hear it all over again? (and again and again…)

You can do it at P3 Rock’s homepage how many times you like. The song opens the show so it shouldn’t be hard to find 😉

Or… total-freak-out-repeat-mania on Soundcloud. Your choice!

The story behind Slaughter’s Daughter: The birth of this song came basically through the discovery of a local Roller Derby team with this name. As you know 3/4 of our band are from a small Swedish town, Luleå, close to the arctic circle, so naturally we got really excited to find cool girls playing this rough and still very delicate sport over there. We found out about the team Slaughter’s Daughter online and wanted to team up with them in our way, so we got our guitars and scribbled the song together. As much at it is a tribute to the team and the sport it’s also a tribute to all awesome girls in the world.

More news to come soon. Keep your eyes and ears open!


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