Tour update!

Hey folks!

So far we’ve had an amazing time down here in France. We’ve met so many nice people, played two awesome shows in Paris and Bordeaux and are now in Rezé at their beautiful venue Le Barakason. Tomorrow we’ll be heading to Saint Lo. Our awesome tour manager Sanna just told us that we’ll be able to sleep until 11 am tomorrow morning. Guess who is looking forward to that?!

More good news for you French people – we’re up on Deezer!

Here are som pics from Monday until now:

See u soon!

2 reaktion på “Tour update!

  1. Gosh, I’m not used to read comment forms in Swedish. Hopefully, it’s not so different from German. x)

    I saw you in Bordeaux (the poster’s guy with the supposed mohawk) a couple of days ago, and – oh my God ! – you are amazing. You have an incredible energy on stage, I’ll try to see you again when you come back. With a special mention to Canan’s acting and facial expressions, hihi. 🙂

    Long live Tiger Bell, still a nice time in France – and try to visit Lyon while driving to Grenoble, it’s worth it and full of urban art!

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