Not the best news…


I, Lovisa, write this to announce that Tiger Bell is gonna take a break, what we know now, for an indefinite time. The decision is based on that I have other things I dream about and need to do in my life right now. These things are unfortunate hard to combine with playing, recording and touring with TB, at least for now. This has been a very hard decision, but some decisions are necessary, even though they hurt.

Tiger Bell is still my, Lisas, Lotta and Canans baby though. If we all get what we wish for we will be back on stage, touring and record new awesome records <3 But if, and when this would happen is nothing that we have an answer for right now. Love/ Lovisa and Tiger Bell

Music Video Premiere today!!!

We did a video for our song 1-2-3-4 Radio and Gaffa (indiependent music magazine in Sweden) hosts the premiere! Big thanks to Martin & Emma for the making of the video. We will post YouTube and Vimeo links tomorrow. Until then go to Gaffas website to check it out —->> HERE!

We recorded the video when we were on tour in Spain in the end of May this year. Kind of an rockumentary music video this one. Hope you like it!

<3 / TIGER BELL-ers


Hey! We just got home from France. Lovely couple of days! It’s always a pleasure to play there!

Right now we don’t have any shows planned at all. We are going to focus really hard on finalizing the new songs for our next album. The plan is to record it this fall.

Bur keep your eyes open, we got a little something coming up soon! xo / TB

Spain was great and now France is coming up!

Thanks to all you wonderful people who came out to our shows in Spain. Also big thanks to Dany for organizing the tour and to Emma and Noah for helping us out with merchandise and everything else a band could need. We had a blast and can’t wait to go back!

Now we’re looking forward to heading down to France in two weeks. Unfortunately we found out today that the promotor cancelled the last show in Angouleme on the 5th of July. Apparently their PA system broke and also someone has stolen stuff from the bar (that really sucks). But we don’t want a day off, we’d rather play a show. So, HELP NEEDED! We’ll play in Bordeaux the day before and we’ll fly home from Paris the day after. So some place in between would be the best of course. If anyone have any ideas please get in touch! write us at tigerbellmusic at

We will stay play the other two shows as planned!

03-Jul-2015 – Le Galion, Lorient
04-Jul-2015 – Jalles House Rock, Bordeaux

See ya! / xo

Spain tour starts today with a surprise!

We’re heading down to Spain today. And with us we’re bringing this little lovely fellow which arrived this week.


It’s a white 7 inch with the two of our latest releases. We made it with two front covers instead of a front and a back so you can decide for yourselves which one you’d love at the front. We love it! Once again, thanks to all people involved in the making of this!

Now, we need to pack up our things and head for the airport. See you in Estepona tomorrow. Go to the shows section for all dates. Bye! xo

Upcoming tours

Only a week now until we hit Spain! Glad to be able to tell that we’ll be playing not one, but three shows in France in the beginning of July!

Sp the upcoming dates looks something like this:

26-May-2015 – King Creole, Estepona (ES)
27-May-2015 – Sala Quilombo, Granada (ES)
28-May-2015 – Four Seasons, Castellon (ES)
29-May-2015 – Café Antzoki, Bilbao (ES)
30-May-2015 – Llanes, Asturias (ES)
31-May-2015 – Wurlitzer Ballroom, Madrid (ES)
03-Jul-2015 – Le Galion, Lorient (FR)
04-Jul-2015 – Jalles House Rock, Bordeaux (FR)
05-Jul-2015 – Le Mars, Angouleme (FR)

See you on tour!
/Tiger Bell-ers


We got another song coming! Gorilla Dance has it’s world premiere today over at Grrrl Collection!
Grrrl Collections is a website that writes Herstory. They collect music, film, fanzines, DIY and riot grrrl stuff. Mostly Swedish but later this year they will travel to NY to record some riot grrrl TV. We heart initiatives like this!

Gorilla Dance will be released on all digital platforms on Tuesday the 21th of April.
Press the photo to be redirected to Grrrl Collections site for immediate punk.


Album cover by Nickedocka