Neighbours in Norway!

Allright, time to spend some time in Oslo, Norway! Finally. First time, but hopefully not the last!
During Oyafestivalen we will play at The Crossroads Club on the 9th of August. So stoked about this! And what’s even more cool is that you can get your ticket over at Tigernet. (amazing title for a ticket sale place, right?!)


Also, Popkollo last week was awesome. Me and Lovisa met a lot of inspiring, nice people during our visits to Popkollo in Hultsfred and Umeå. We talked about how we write songs and then wrote a song with each of all four groups we met. The theme and also the name of the songs were ”Rock’n’roll band camp”. We hoped all the participants and leaders enjoyed it as much as we did!

Oh and since we’re not touring right now we’re taking some time to record demos of new songs we’ve written. Can’t wait to share the new songs with you!

Take care/Canan and the others


Hello! Next week Canan and Lovisa will be guests at a Swedish band camp, girls only. It’s an amazing initiative which celebrates 10 years this year. Young girls between the age of 12-18 go on camp but with a music profile. We’re both honored and proud to be a part of this camp as guest artists or whatever you prefer to call it. Looking forward to meeting all these awesome girls next week!
10th of July – Popkollo Hultsfred
13th of July – Popkollo Umeå

Never heard of Popkollo. Go visit POPKOLLO right away (they have it both in Swedish and English!)

Best//Canan & Lovisa