We’re back home!

We’re back home in Sweden. It feels kind of strange.. Still suffering from post traumatic tour syndrome I guess..

On Saturday we will celebrate the release of Slaughter’s Daughter on Debaser Slussen in Stockholm. We will play at 11 pm and as support we have the awesome band Thundermother. So looking forward to that.

We will get back to you soon with more fun and updates. For now, here’s a clip from France TV

And hey, take a look at this awesome photo by Sarah Bastin from Paris.


See ya Saturday!

Bloglovin’ and Malmö show added!


Since the release of Slaughter’s Daughters we’ve recieved some amazing bloglovin’ from around the world. I hope you really know that your support means a lot to us – we really appreciate it!

Some of these are:

Lukinzine, Punk outlaw, Punkcentralen, Rockfoto, Invisible Guy, Alan Cross, Spinner, Gaffa, Indiepoprock.fr, Clumsy Baby, A Lonely Ghost Burning and Viva indie blog.

Thank u so much!

Also. Show added in Malmö on our way down to France. The 18th of March at Rex!


Social Media, gotta love it!

Well hello!

Just found out that Instagram has moved out on the www. And with that said we thought it was time for a link update since this is not the only place you can find us on the web.

We like social media, cause it’s social.
Therefore we often don’t make the same updates on these different places. It should be fun to follow us on all of these places right? Sharing, helping and having fun is what social media is for us. Therefore we’ve decided (for now that is) to have Tiger Bell profiles at these places. Here we go!

Instagram – used to be a smartphone-thingy but just moved out to the www. This is all about photos from our Tiger Bell life.

Facebook – not everyone has Facebook but many do. According to us one of the easiest way to stay updated, share, help and have fun.

Spotify – yes, Spotify has also become social. You share (our) music and make playlists (with our music) that you share among friends and so on.

YouTube – Does this even need an explanation?

Twitter – a great way to stay in touch with people, to write directly to people you admire (and know that they will probably read it too), and to share/help. For example some people helped Lovisa choose whether to have blue or white shoes on our latest photoshoot thanks to Twitter. Useful!

Myspace – yes, we have a Myspace profile. And yes, there’s still some traffic going on over there. Therefore we’ve decided to keep it but, and this is a big no no, we suck at updating it. Sorry for that.

Flickr – we’re adding pics here so that we can show’em here on the blog. Not really supersatisfied with that solution. Anyone got a better idea?

That’s about it!
On Monday we’ll continue the recordings again. Let’s finish this record!

Rockfoto hälsade på i studion..

Vi blev glada att Rockfoto ville komma och hälsa på oss i studion. Läs reportaget från deras besök här!

Det fina fotot är taget av Regina Weckström / Rockfoto.


1 november fortsätter vi inspelningarna. Fram tills dess —–> REPA SOM GALNINGAR!