Not the best news…


I, Lovisa, write this to announce that Tiger Bell is gonna take a break, what we know now, for an indefinite time. The decision is based on that I have other things I dream about and need to do in my life right now. These things are unfortunate hard to combine with playing, recording and touring with TB, at least for now. This has been a very hard decision, but some decisions are necessary, even though they hurt.

Tiger Bell is still my, Lisas, Lotta and Canans baby though. If we all get what we wish for we will be back on stage, touring and record new awesome records <3 But if, and when this would happen is nothing that we have an answer for right now. Love/ Lovisa and Tiger Bell


Hey! We just got home from France. Lovely couple of days! It’s always a pleasure to play there!

Right now we don’t have any shows planned at all. We are going to focus really hard on finalizing the new songs for our next album. The plan is to record it this fall.

Bur keep your eyes open, we got a little something coming up soon! xo / TB

Looks like we’re not so busy…

Right now we’re having some time off from touring (as you might have noticed). We’re having vacation but also we’ve been rehearsing and writing some new songs. But soon everything will be back to normal in Tiger Bell camp. That means that good news are coming up! Just a little more patience. Cheers!

Summer tour is officially over!

Big thanks to everyone who has been coming to our shows this summer. We have had such a good time!

Tour pose

Now it’s time for some recreation and planning for the future. We have recorded a new music video that’ll soon be ready for you. So don’t go anywhere 🙂

Bests / Lisa – Canan – Lovisa – Lotta

Tiger Bell tar ställning

Mot rasism! Against racism!

Against racism

Vi är på väg hem efter Norrlandssvängen på denna turné och vill tacka alla som har kommit på spelningarna och peppat. Tack till arrangörerna och till alla fina band som vi har fått spela med. Det har trillat in lite recensioner från gigen på sistone. Läs t ex Hela Hälsingland, Helsingborgs Dagblad, NSD & Smålandsposten.
Nästa helg blir det Finland och Helsingfors. Äntligen tillbaka dit! Ses på Bar Loose lördag 29 mars!

Tour is getting closer

A couple of weeks from now we’ll be out on the road again. For most of the shows we will enjoy the company of Johanna Gustavsson as tour manager and audio engineer. Welcome to our crew, Johanna!
We will try to update the Shows section with ticket links as soon as we get them.

Also proud to say that we’re now a part of X-Why-Z Booking agency in Germany. Looking forward to more nice shows in Germany!

On Friday it’s time for Manifestgalan, where we are nominated for Best punk of the year! Fingers crossed! The music video part of this award was handed out last weekend during Gothenburgs international filmfestival. We didn’t win that one, but we’re happy anyway. The same with the P3 Guld award.

Found this nice photo from Eurosonic Noorderslag Festival.
Canan live at Eurosonic Noorderslag Festival
Photo cred to Timmy Haubrechts

We’re gonna try to order some new merch before tour starts. Any merchandise you don’t want us to miss?

Europe, we’re coming back for you!

Yep, that’s right! We’ll be heading out in Europe again in April. More dates TBA but for now:

17-Apr-2014 – Café Pakhuis Wilhelmina, Amsterdam (NL)
18-Apr-2014 – Atelier des Môles, Montbéliard (FR)
19-Apr-2014 – Les Abattoirs, Bourgoin Jallieu (FR) w/ Jello Biafra
20-Apr-2014 – ISC Club – Bern (CH)
25-Apr-2014 – Ninkasi Kafé, Lyon (FR)
26-Apr-2014 – Point Ephémère, Paris (FR)

On Thursday we’ll be heading down to Groningen and the Eurosonic Noorderslag festival! See you there!

Manifestgalan nominees!

Oh dear, this is sooo great! We are nominated to Best Punk AND Best Music Video at Manifestgalan!! This year couldn’t start better!
Next week we’re off to Netherlands to play at the Eurosonic Noorderslag festival and then head back to Sweden for the P3 Guld awards.

The video that is nominated is for Don’t Wanna Hear About Your Band. Let’s post it again! Wiiii!