Happy new year!

2013 is coming to an end. For us it has been a fantastic year. For one we released our very first album (which we of course hope all of you know about). We’ve also released a 10 inch. We made three music videos. We played a lot of shows, 45 to be exact, including two tours in Europe. That is 0,12 shows a day or a show every 8 day.. ha ha!

We’ve had great support from fans around the world, some of you has been with us from the beginning and some of you just recently got to know of us. Much love to all of you!

Both the album and the 10 inch has gotten some really nice reviews and we’ve read articles where we land on top 10 best albums of the year. Punk rock is NOT dead!

Oh, and then there is the nomination to Swedish national radio awards P3 Guld. Pretty awesome to be one of five bands nominated to the best rock/metal in 2013. That thing is a voting-thing and you can still vote for your favorite punk rock band to win. To do so go HERE!

2014 will hopefully be as great as this year has been. We have a tour in Sweden in March and there are more touring in the pipeline right now, so keep your ears and eyes open. Hopefully we’ll meet!

We wish you a happy new year! See you in 2014!
Keep supporting your local punk rock bands!

Musikhjälpen 2013, ons 11 dec kl 13!

”Alla tjejer har rätt att överleva sin graviditet” är temat för årets Musikhjälpen och vi har fått äran att åka ner till Göteborg och hälsa på i glasburen för att spela en trudelutt eller två. Så, onsdag den 11 dec kl 13 är det dags att bege sig till buren alternativt att ratta in P3 eller SVT Play som sänder/streamar direkt!

Musikhjälpen är ett oerhört bra och viktigt initiativ och i år pågår insamlingen mellan den 9-15 december. Läs mer om Musikhjälpen och hur du kan bidra HÄR! Kärlek och respekt!

Nominerade till årets rock/metal i P3 Guld!

Hej! Idag blev det officiellt att vi med vår skiva Don’t Wanna Hear About Your Band är nominerade till årets rock/metal i P3 Guld! HURRA SÄGER VI!

Bland de nominerade hittar vi andra finfina band som Cult Of Luna, Watain, In Solitude och Ghost. Det här är en sån hära röstningsgrej. Så om ni vill rösta på oss så kan ni göra det på P3 Gulds hemsida!


Ses på galan i Göteborg den 18:e januari! Tack för allt stöd och pepp!
/Tiger Bell-arna

Ny turné på g!

Hurra! Vi ska på turné igen! Den här gången blir det mest vårt eget avlånga land som det ska åkas runt i. Dessa datum är satta hittills och mer kommer att komma:

21-Dec-2013 – Debaser Strand, Stockholm (SWE) w/Nomads
16-Jan-2014 – Eurosonic festival, Huis de Beurs, Groningen (NL)
6-Mar-2014 – Katalin, Uppsala (SWE)
8-Mar-2014 – Millencolin Music Prize, Nivå, Örebro (SWE) w/Stilett & Asta Kask
18-Mar-2014 – Kulturhuset, Bollnäs (SWE)
19-Mar-2014 – Musikhuset, Örnsköldsvik (SWE)
20-Mar-2014 – Scharinska, Umeå (SWE)
21-Mar-2014 – Kultur på Campus, Umeå (SWE) vid lunchtid
21-Mar-2014 – Kulturens Hus, Luleå (SWE)

//Tiger Bell


This is it! The album is out! Can’t describe this amazing feeling of ours right now!

Tiger Bell-DWHAYB

The album is available for streaming (and purchase) over at:
iTunes, Spotify, WIMP, Amazon, Deezer and Rdio. Prefer something to put under your pillow? There will be both Cd’s and vinyl’s!

Finally. FINALLY!
Och Stockholm, vi ses ikväll på Östermalm. Story Hotel vid 20.30-rycket. Då är det Wimp Live Session!

puss o kram!
//Canan – Lisa – Lovisa – Lotta

Getting closer…

Not far now until the album drops! On Saturday (5th of Oct) we’ll be having a releaseparty at Brooklyn Bar / Debaser Strand. We won’t play live but we will play the album for you! Also Malin from awesome blog Grrrlcollection.com will dj. The whole thing starts at 9 pm and finishes at 11pm. So don’t be late. And, yes, there will be surprises.

image Today cd’s arrived. They’re looking awesome don’t you think?

There’s one thing though that troubles us.. It seems like we won’t be getting the LP’s in time for the party on Saturday.. Don’t know what happened really or who fucked up but it is how it is…

Oh, and on wednesday we’ll be playing a short live session for Wimp at Story Hotel in Stockholm.

Lot’s of nice stuff happening right now! Feels goooooood!
//Tiger Bell (now with pins)



We got some great news for you!

Our debut album Don’t Wanna Hear About Your Band will be out soon! The European release date is set to October 7! This is the awesome cover of the album, made by Nickedocka Tiger Bell-DWHAYB

1. Boy, There You Yo
2. Baby, You’re A Murderer
3. Get Ready To Go
4. Don’t Wanna Be 3
5. You Gotta Let Me Know
6. Valley Heights
7. Look Into My Eyes
8. Fragments
9. If You Want Something, Go And Get It
10. You’re Going Down
11. Johnnie
12. Don’t Wanna Hear About Your Band (feat Danko Jones!)

We’ve been waiting for this so long. It’s like a dream come true! Can’t even say how happy we are about this!
<3 //Lovisa, Canan, Lotta & Lisa


It’s on everybody! Video premiere for Look Into My Eyes over at Aftonbladet and at Les Inrocks!

And tour. Yes! TOUR! Autumn tour looks like this. Don’t now how to say how excited we are about this. But we are! More dates soon!

24-Oct-2013 – Alte Kaserne, Zürich (CH)
25-Oct-2013 – RaBe-Fest/Reitschule/Frauenraum, Bern (CH)
26-Oct-2013 – Arci Taun, Parma (IT)
27-Oct-2013 – Honky Tonky, Seregno (IT)
31-Oct-2013 – Le Baraka Bar, Clermont Ferrand (FR)
1-Nov-2013 – La Tannerie, Bourg En Brasse (FR)
2-Nov-2013 – Mondo Bizarre, Rennes (FR)
3-Nov-2013 – Le Galion, Lorient (FR)
5-Nov-2013 – La Mecanique Ondulatoire, Paris (FR)
6-Nov-2013 – I Boat, Bordeaux (FR)
7-Nov-2013 – Le Karma, Angouleme (FR)
11-Nov-2013 – Pools, Göttingen (GER)
12-Nov-2013 – MS Hedi, Hamburg (GER)
13-Nov-2013 – Kufa, Hildesheim (GER)
14-Nov-2013 – Slow Club, Freiburg (GER)
15-Nov-2013 – A.R.M., Kassel (GER)
16-Nov-2013 – Hdo, Brandenburg (GER)
17-Nov 2013 – De Bakkerij, Castricum (NL)
19-Nov-2013 – Peter Weiß Haus, Rostock (GER)
20-Nov-2013 – The Tube, Düsseldorf (GER)
21-Nov-2013 – Tsunami, Köln (GER)
22-Nov-2013 – treibsAND, Lübeck (GER)
23-Nov-2013 – White Trash, Berlin (GER)

//Tiger Bell-ers

The hockey song

We just spent two days in Luleå recording our tribute song to Luleå Hockey team. It was fun fun fun!
Big thanks to BD Pop for letting us be in their studio and extra big thanks to Patso who put up with us in the studio for two days 🙂
We can’t tell you much more about that song for now. What we can tell you is that part of Luleå Hockey fans came to the studio putting some ”sweet” vocals to it.. Thanks guys, it meant a lot to us!

Here are some pics. Another awesome Tiger Bell experience!

More news to come soon! Hey ho, let’s go!
/Tiger Bell