This is fun!

This summer has started out really good. The festivals we’ve played so far has been really fun. It has been great to hang out with other bands and get to see them live. Bråvalla festival yesterday was awesome. Here’s some reviews from the show (in Swedish):, Folkbladet & NT

Next up is Putte i Parken, Karlstad. We’re playing Thursday the 3rd of July at 2.30 pm, so early show! Don’t miss out!
And then, on Saturday the 5th, we’re playing our first dutch festival, Rosrock!

So looking forward to this!

Back home in Sweden!

We arrived back home in Stockholm this Sunday. Must say we’ve had a great time. Almost five weeks on the road, pjuh…
We want to say THANK YOU to all the people involved in making this tour happen, you know who you are. And for all you people to came out to our shows, THANK YOU, and see you next time 😉

Also stoked to let you know that we’ll play the Eurosonic festival in Groeningen in Holland in January!
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Update from the road!


Tiger Bell calling, now in Germany for the first time!
We’ve played in Göttingen and Hamburg and still have 1,5 week left on this (neverending?) tour! Yesterday we played on a boat called Ms Hedi here in Hamburg and that was an experience.. In a good way!

About the crowdsurfing pic, they didn’t want to let us off stage in Paris so Canan promised to stage dive if they didn’t move after the encore.. 🙂 Photocredit Michela Cuccagna. More pics from the Paris show over at Adnsounds.
Ciao! /Tiger Bell

Tour update!

France is really great! Fun shows, nice people and fantastic food!
Today we play our last show in France before we go to Germany for the first time in Tiger Bell history. We’re in Pau and the place to be tonight is at Café Du Parc!

Au revoir France!

Tour update

Greetings from France and Lorient where we are playing tonight. This venue, Le Galion, is really cool and nice. France has been treating us well so far! Here are some pics from the last few days.

More coming soon!

Single release and tour update!

Hello! Today we release our song Don’t Wanna Hear About Your Band as a digital single. The really fun part of that is that we’ve recorded our version of Ca Plane Pour Moi to release with the single! The single is available in the Nordic countries today but will be released soon in other countries as well!

Spotify, iTunes and WIMP.

So far on tour we’ve been playing in Copenhagen, Zürich and Bern. Three fun shows! Here are some pics

Today we’re heading to Italy! Tonight in Torino!

Before tour we played a live session over at Wimp. Take a look!

See ya!

Getting closer…

Not far now until the album drops! On Saturday (5th of Oct) we’ll be having a releaseparty at Brooklyn Bar / Debaser Strand. We won’t play live but we will play the album for you! Also Malin from awesome blog will dj. The whole thing starts at 9 pm and finishes at 11pm. So don’t be late. And, yes, there will be surprises.

image Today cd’s arrived. They’re looking awesome don’t you think?

There’s one thing though that troubles us.. It seems like we won’t be getting the LP’s in time for the party on Saturday.. Don’t know what happened really or who fucked up but it is how it is…

Oh, and on wednesday we’ll be playing a short live session for Wimp at Story Hotel in Stockholm.

Lot’s of nice stuff happening right now! Feels goooooood!
//Tiger Bell (now with pins)


Låt oss ha Debaser kvar!

Igår spelade vi på Debaser Slussen. Giget var en stödspelning för att rädda Debaser från att behöva stänga i förtid. Vi gillar Debaser så vi skrev en låt som vi körde live igår. Vårt bidrag till att stoppa processen med nedstängning i förtid 🙂 Vi bad publiken filma så Debaser kan skicka vidare till politikerna för att påverka! Blir spännande att följa upp!

Här kommer texten till låten:

Det här är inte spiken i kistan det är början på något stort
Låt oss motbevisa klyschan att flera kockar skulle paja soppan
Men varför ska vi dra, ja, varför ska vi dra? Om stället ska stå tomt tills första spadetag?
Ja varför ska vi dra, varför ska vi dra? Vi säger det tillsammans: vi vill stanna kvar!
Låt oss ha Debaser kvar! Låt de inte stänga Slussen!
Varför skynda på processen? Vad tjänar ni på all den stressen?
Tillsammans ska vi hjälpas åt. Vi ska dra det längsta strå’t.
Men varför ska vi dra, ja, varför ska vi dra? Om stället ska stå tomt tills första spadetag?
Ja varför ska vi dra, varför ska vi dra? Vi säger det tillsammans: vi vill stanna kvar!
Låt oss ha Debaser kvar! Låt de inte stänga Slussen!
Vi säger upp oss, vi blockar gatan, står upp som satan mot politiken, för vi tänker inte sätta oss i skiten som ni serverar, kan ni börja leverera? Vi vill ju ändå en och samma sak:
Låt oss ha Debaser kvar x 100 typ
Låt oss ha Debaser kvar! Låt de inte stänga Slussen!

Vi hittade lite foton på Instagram under hashtags som tigerbell och räddadebaser. Vi lånar dem!

//Tiger Bell



This has been an awesome spring for us in Tiger Bell. In February we released the single Slaughter’s Daughter together with a video we recorded with Luleå Roller Derby (love to all of you!). In the middle of March we released the EP Slaughter’s Daughter and at the same day went south for a two week tour in France and Switzerland. That was definitely one of the highlights as a band so far.
Since then we’ve been playing a few shows, been doing some radio – both interviews and live airplay.

So, what’s up from now on?
We’re preparing for the fall and the release of our debut album. Hopefully we will be able to tell you more about the exact when and where soon.

Until then! Here are some nice pics from our release party at Debaser in Stockholm in the beginning of April. Photographer Mia Olofsson.

Love/Tiger Bell