Mixtape coming up

We’re playing the By:Larm festival next week and Under The Radar magazine asked us to make a mixtape for them, By:Larm edition. The compilation we made is called Dudettes with guitars and contains 12 songs. Girls only or mostly girls in all of the bands. Punk rock and hard rock and each one of them are hard working bands that are hungry for touring. So feel free to share the mixtape to every lazy journalist, agent, promoter who claims that there are no bands with girls.

Tiger Bell Mixtape For Under the Radar Magazine (by:Larm Edition) by Under_Radar_Mag on Mixcloud


Don’t Wanna Hear Abour Your Band – Tiger Bell (SE)
Take The Mirror – White Lung
You Got A Problem Without Knowing It – The Baboon Show (SE)
Seven Days Fool – Heavy Tiger (SE)
Shoot To Kill – Thundermother (SE)
My Resignation – Besserbitch (SE)
Statements On Statements – Beyond Pink (SE)
Dead Or Alive – Beast! (SE)
Waiting By The Telephone – Bleached
Bitch – Plastiscines
Into the Fire – Crucified Barbara (SE)
Let It Go – Cherri Bomb

Canans vecka som gästredaktör i Musikguiden i P3

Totalt fyra avsnitt med bara rock och punk av och med kvinnor! Canan har denna vecka levererat hit efter hit och ni som missade programmen eller vill lyssna igen kan göra det på Musikguiden i P3s hemsida hur många gånger som helst!

mg P3

Vill du bara lyssna på låtarna? Canan har lagt ut alla låtar från de fyra programmen på vår Spotifyprofil! De finns även på P3s hemsida


Spotifiers unite!

Hello there!

Since we now have our own Spotify account we thought that we should start sharing good music with you. Sometimes people say that there aren’t any rock/punk/pop/metal bands with girls in. Hmpff! If you ever hear anyone say something like that again, from now on we’ll make sure you’ll have some playlists you can send to them to prove them wrong. Follow us on Spotify!

But for now, we give you Volume 1