Spain was great and now France is coming up!

Thanks to all you wonderful people who came out to our shows in Spain. Also big thanks to Dany for organizing the tour and to Emma and Noah for helping us out with merchandise and everything else a band could need. We had a blast and can’t wait to go back!

Now we’re looking forward to heading down to France in two weeks. Unfortunately we found out today that the promotor cancelled the last show in Angouleme on the 5th of July. Apparently their PA system broke and also someone has stolen stuff from the bar (that really sucks). But we don’t want a day off, we’d rather play a show. So, HELP NEEDED! We’ll play in Bordeaux the day before and we’ll fly home from Paris the day after. So some place in between would be the best of course. If anyone have any ideas please get in touch! write us at tigerbellmusic at

We will stay play the other two shows as planned!

03-Jul-2015 – Le Galion, Lorient
04-Jul-2015 – Jalles House Rock, Bordeaux

See ya! / xo

Spain tour starts today with a surprise!

We’re heading down to Spain today. And with us we’re bringing this little lovely fellow which arrived this week.


It’s a white 7 inch with the two of our latest releases. We made it with two front covers instead of a front and a back so you can decide for yourselves which one you’d love at the front. We love it! Once again, thanks to all people involved in the making of this!

Now, we need to pack up our things and head for the airport. See you in Estepona tomorrow. Go to the shows section for all dates. Bye! xo

Groezrock coming up!

Apparently we have both sweet and loyal friends/fans because you voted for us all the way to the slot at Groezrock festival. So on the 2nd of May we will travel to Belgium. THANK YOU!
For tickets and info on Groezrock go HERE!

Upcoming dates this spring looks something like this at the moment:

2-May-2015 – Groezrock Festival, Meerhout, Belgium (BE)
26-May-2015 – King Creole, Estepona (ES)
27-May-2015 – Sala Quilombo, Granada (ES)
28-May-2015 – Four Seasons, Castellon (ES)
29-May-2015 – Café Antzoki, Bilbao (ES)
30-May-2015 – Llanes, Asturias (ES)
31-May-2015 – Wurlitzer Ballroom, Madrid (ES)

Tour excitement!

New recordings and stuff!

We have been hanging out in the Kapsylen studio with Jugglo Wall to record new tracks. Looks like there will be some kind of release next year! Yey!

Also, super stoked to announce our first booked show for 2015. Mais oui, it will be in France again! We’ll be playing at Festival des Artefacts together with the awesome The Love Me Nots. For information and tickets, go HERE! 8 of April, save the date!

Love/Tiger Bell

10 festivals left!

We’ve reach the middle of the summer and by the looks of our tour plan we still got 10 more awesome festivals to play in five different countries. Now that is something to look forward to!

Happy to tell you that we’re going to play the Rockade Festiwoll in Germany with our comrades in The Baboon Show and other awesome bands!

And this weekend in the Swiss alps will also be lots of fun by the looks of it!

28th of August – Pitschna Scena, Pontresina
29th of August – ROCK THE DOCKS – gratis open air, Zug
30th of August – PFF FFS 2014 – Säg Salut, Orpund

PFF FFS 2014_Flyer

To see all of the upcoming shows visit the SHOWS tab!
See you/Tiger Bell

This is fun!

This summer has started out really good. The festivals we’ve played so far has been really fun. It has been great to hang out with other bands and get to see them live. Bråvalla festival yesterday was awesome. Here’s some reviews from the show (in Swedish):, Folkbladet & NT

Next up is Putte i Parken, Karlstad. We’re playing Thursday the 3rd of July at 2.30 pm, so early show! Don’t miss out!
And then, on Saturday the 5th, we’re playing our first dutch festival, Rosrock!

So looking forward to this!

100 shows – check!

Yesterday in Malmö we played our 100th show with Tiger Bell! May there be many more! Now we’re on our way home and in a week and a half we’ll be heading back to Europe again. Gonna be awesome. For info and tickets visit the SHOWS section. Here are all the dates:

17-Apr-2014 – Café Pakhuis Wilhelmina, Amsterdam (NL)
18-Apr-2014 – Atelier des Môles, Montbéliard (FR)
19-Apr-2014 – Les Abattoirs, Bourgoin Jallieu (FR) w/ Jello Biafra
20-Apr-2014 – ISC Club – Bern (CH)
22-Apr-2014 – Le Mistral Palace – Valence (FR) w/The Decibelles
23-Apr-2014 – Secret Place – Montpellier (FR)
24-Apr-2014 – Le Printemps de Bourges – Bourges (FR) Scène Pression Live.
25-Apr-2014 – Ninkasi Kafé, Lyon (FR)
26-Apr-2014 – Point Ephémère, Paris (FR) w/The Pack A.D.

Here’s us before the show, champagne FTW! (Tack Hampus och Jesper för flarran, fint!!)

Tour prep and added shows!

We got invited back to Finland and we just had to say yes! So on the 29th of March we will play at Bar Loose as a part of Helsinki Music Marathon. Prrretty excited about that!

Och på svenska: Lördag den 8 mars kör vi dubbelgig! Vi ska nämligen spela på efterfesten till Henric De La Cours gig på Lokomotivet i Eskilstuna. All in, hej och hå!

We’re printing new merch for the upcoming tours: t-shirts, tote bags, stickers, pins and patches coming up! You can buy from us at shows but also order from Merchworld (ships worldwide)