Sverigeturné spikad, bokad, klar!

Jamenvisst! Dryga två veckor tills vi får åka landet runt. Tänk så kul vi kommer ha det! Nu har t ex datum i Stockholm och Malmö tillkommit. PEPPEN! under SHOWS hittar ni mer info och biljettlänkar. Så två datum i Norge och sen, off we go!

27-feb-by:Larm, Wimp tent, Oslo
28-feb-by:Larm, Revolver, Oslo
1-mars-Pinnen, Nässjö w/Dregen & Trubbel
6-mars-Katalin, Uppsala
7-mars–Båten, Karlstad
8-mars-Millencolin Music Prize, NIVÅ, Örebro w/Stilett & Asta Kask
14-mars-Kafé de luxe, Växjö
15-mars-The Tivoli, Helsingborg
18-mars-Kulturhuset Bollnäs
19-mars-Musikhuset, Örnsköldsvik
20-mars-Scharinska, Umeå
21-mars-Kultur på Campus, Umeå (lunchgig)
21-mars Kulturens hus Luleå
22-mars-Pipeline, Sundsvall
4-april-Sticky Fingers, Göteborg
5-april-Babel, Malmö
23-maj-Debaser Strand, Stockholm


photocred Jessica Calvo

Sverigeturné i vår – fler datum satta!

Jo men visst, nu har vi spikat ytterligare några datum i vår. Hoppas vi kommer till just din stad!
Fler datum TBA men så här ser schemat ut för kommande gig just nu:

21-Dec-2013 – Debaser Strand, Stockholm (SWE) w/Nomads
16-Jan-2014 – Eurosonic festival, Huis de Beurs, Groningen (NL)
27-28-Feb-2014 – By:Larm festival, Oslo (NO)
1-Mar-2014 – Pinnen, Nässjö (SWE) w/Dregen
6-Mar-2014 – Katalin, Uppsala (SWE)
7-Mar-2014 – Båten, Karlstad (SWE)
8-Mar-2014 – Millencolin Music Prize, Nivå, Örebro (SWE) w/Stilett & Asta Kask
14-Mar-2014 – Café Deluxe, Växjö (SWE)
15-Mar-2014 – The Tivoli, Helsingborg (SWE)
18-Mar-2014 – Kulturhuset, Bollnäs (SWE)
19-Mar-2014 – Musikhuset, Örnsköldsvik (SWE)
20-Mar-2014 – Scharinska, Umeå (SWE)
21-Mar-2014 – Kultur på Campus, Umeå (SWE) /lunchgig
21-Mar-2014 – Kulturens Hus, Luleå (SWE)
22-Mar-2014 – Pipeline, Sundsvall (SWE)
4-Apr-2014 – Sticky Fingers, Göteborg (SWE)


Getting closer…

Not far now until the album drops! On Saturday (5th of Oct) we’ll be having a releaseparty at Brooklyn Bar / Debaser Strand. We won’t play live but we will play the album for you! Also Malin from awesome blog will dj. The whole thing starts at 9 pm and finishes at 11pm. So don’t be late. And, yes, there will be surprises.

image Today cd’s arrived. They’re looking awesome don’t you think?

There’s one thing though that troubles us.. It seems like we won’t be getting the LP’s in time for the party on Saturday.. Don’t know what happened really or who fucked up but it is how it is…

Oh, and on wednesday we’ll be playing a short live session for Wimp at Story Hotel in Stockholm.

Lot’s of nice stuff happening right now! Feels goooooood!
//Tiger Bell (now with pins)



It’s on everybody! Video premiere for Look Into My Eyes over at Aftonbladet and at Les Inrocks!

And tour. Yes! TOUR! Autumn tour looks like this. Don’t now how to say how excited we are about this. But we are! More dates soon!

24-Oct-2013 – Alte Kaserne, Zürich (CH)
25-Oct-2013 – RaBe-Fest/Reitschule/Frauenraum, Bern (CH)
26-Oct-2013 – Arci Taun, Parma (IT)
27-Oct-2013 – Honky Tonky, Seregno (IT)
31-Oct-2013 – Le Baraka Bar, Clermont Ferrand (FR)
1-Nov-2013 – La Tannerie, Bourg En Brasse (FR)
2-Nov-2013 – Mondo Bizarre, Rennes (FR)
3-Nov-2013 – Le Galion, Lorient (FR)
5-Nov-2013 – La Mecanique Ondulatoire, Paris (FR)
6-Nov-2013 – I Boat, Bordeaux (FR)
7-Nov-2013 – Le Karma, Angouleme (FR)
11-Nov-2013 – Pools, Göttingen (GER)
12-Nov-2013 – MS Hedi, Hamburg (GER)
13-Nov-2013 – Kufa, Hildesheim (GER)
14-Nov-2013 – Slow Club, Freiburg (GER)
15-Nov-2013 – A.R.M., Kassel (GER)
16-Nov-2013 – Hdo, Brandenburg (GER)
17-Nov 2013 – De Bakkerij, Castricum (NL)
19-Nov-2013 – Peter Weiß Haus, Rostock (GER)
20-Nov-2013 – The Tube, Düsseldorf (GER)
21-Nov-2013 – Tsunami, Köln (GER)
22-Nov-2013 – treibsAND, Lübeck (GER)
23-Nov-2013 – White Trash, Berlin (GER)

//Tiger Bell-ers

Neighbours in Norway!

Allright, time to spend some time in Oslo, Norway! Finally. First time, but hopefully not the last!
During Oyafestivalen we will play at The Crossroads Club on the 9th of August. So stoked about this! And what’s even more cool is that you can get your ticket over at Tigernet. (amazing title for a ticket sale place, right?!)


Also, Popkollo last week was awesome. Me and Lovisa met a lot of inspiring, nice people during our visits to Popkollo in Hultsfred and Umeå. We talked about how we write songs and then wrote a song with each of all four groups we met. The theme and also the name of the songs were ”Rock’n’roll band camp”. We hoped all the participants and leaders enjoyed it as much as we did!

Oh and since we’re not touring right now we’re taking some time to record demos of new songs we’ve written. Can’t wait to share the new songs with you!

Take care/Canan and the others

Luleå Hockey tribute!

Most of you know that three of us hail from a city in the northern parts of Sweden called Luleå which have an awesome hockey team called Luleå Hockey. So, now it happens that a tribute record to the team will be released this fall and we are going to be part of it!

LHF tattoo

Lotta made this Luleå Hockey tattoo not long ago. Hardcore fan! Guess if she’s looking forward to this or not?

Also a new show added, we will play in Sundsvall at Gatufesten on Saturday the 6th of July. CANCELLED!

Lots of other good stuff are in the making! We’re excited to let you know, please have patience! 🙂
/Tiger Bell

Bloglovin’ and Malmö show added!


Since the release of Slaughter’s Daughters we’ve recieved some amazing bloglovin’ from around the world. I hope you really know that your support means a lot to us – we really appreciate it!

Some of these are:

Lukinzine, Punk outlaw, Punkcentralen, Rockfoto, Invisible Guy, Alan Cross, Spinner, Gaffa,, Clumsy Baby, A Lonely Ghost Burning and Viva indie blog.

Thank u so much!

Also. Show added in Malmö on our way down to France. The 18th of March at Rex!


Debaser Slussen 6 april!

Vi kommer spela på Debaser Slussen den 6 april. Det kommer inte vara vilken kväll som helst… Mer om det senare.
Vi är också jätteglada för att vi denna kväll får sällskap av Thundermother OCH dessutom kommer STHLM Roller Derby att agera discjockeys!
Med andra ord. Boka in denna kväll redan nu. Klart slut!

Mer om kvällen HÄR!


New pic and Switzerland!

Yes, as you might noticed entering this page we have a new header. Might indicate that we’re up to something… Hmm, maybe you’re right. Keep your eyes (and maybe ears?) open. The awesome pic is taken by Per Krisitansen.

Also another show added. We’ll be visiting Switzerland in the middle of our tour in France. Yes! Zurich on the 27th of March. See ya there!