Spain was great and now France is coming up!

Thanks to all you wonderful people who came out to our shows in Spain. Also big thanks to Dany for organizing the tour and to Emma and Noah for helping us out with merchandise and everything else a band could need. We had a blast and can’t wait to go back!

Now we’re looking forward to heading down to France in two weeks. Unfortunately we found out today that the promotor cancelled the last show in Angouleme on the 5th of July. Apparently their PA system broke and also someone has stolen stuff from the bar (that really sucks). But we don’t want a day off, we’d rather play a show. So, HELP NEEDED! We’ll play in Bordeaux the day before and we’ll fly home from Paris the day after. So some place in between would be the best of course. If anyone have any ideas please get in touch! write us at tigerbellmusic at

We will stay play the other two shows as planned!

03-Jul-2015 – Le Galion, Lorient
04-Jul-2015 – Jalles House Rock, Bordeaux

See ya! / xo

Spain tour starts today with a surprise!

We’re heading down to Spain today. And with us we’re bringing this little lovely fellow which arrived this week.


It’s a white 7 inch with the two of our latest releases. We made it with two front covers instead of a front and a back so you can decide for yourselves which one you’d love at the front. We love it! Once again, thanks to all people involved in the making of this!

Now, we need to pack up our things and head for the airport. See you in Estepona tomorrow. Go to the shows section for all dates. Bye! xo

Upcoming tours

Only a week now until we hit Spain! Glad to be able to tell that we’ll be playing not one, but three shows in France in the beginning of July!

Sp the upcoming dates looks something like this:

26-May-2015 – King Creole, Estepona (ES)
27-May-2015 – Sala Quilombo, Granada (ES)
28-May-2015 – Four Seasons, Castellon (ES)
29-May-2015 – Café Antzoki, Bilbao (ES)
30-May-2015 – Llanes, Asturias (ES)
31-May-2015 – Wurlitzer Ballroom, Madrid (ES)
03-Jul-2015 – Le Galion, Lorient (FR)
04-Jul-2015 – Jalles House Rock, Bordeaux (FR)
05-Jul-2015 – Le Mars, Angouleme (FR)

See you on tour!
/Tiger Bell-ers

Luleå & Musikens Makt!

Ni vet att det alltid är speciellt för oss att spela i Luleå, hemstad för tre av oss. På lördag (16/8) är det dags igen på inget mindre än den grymma festivalen Musikens Makt. Programmet för lördagen är släppt och vi spelar på Galärenscenen kl 18.45. Så missa inte det gott folk, ät tidig middag (eller väldigt sen) och kom och dansa punkdans med oss!

Hela programmet hittar ni HÄR!

/Tiger Bell

Storsjöyran fredag 1/8 och Indiedagis!

Hej! På fredag kommer vi till Storsjöyran. Blir mäktigt! Vi spelar på fredag kl 23.30 på Studioscenen. För all info om Yran kolla deras hemsida HÄR.

Som om det inte vore nog med det så kliver vi upp tidigt dagen efter för att gästa Indiedagis. Det kommer bli ett slags halvakustiskt, kortare framträdande. Indiedagis ligger på vägen mellan campingen och festivalområdet. 12.30 är tiden för detta. Läs allt om Indiedagis på deras Facebooksida.

Vi gissar på ytterligare en toppenhelg! Ses där!
/Tiger Bell

10 festivals left!

We’ve reach the middle of the summer and by the looks of our tour plan we still got 10 more awesome festivals to play in five different countries. Now that is something to look forward to!

Happy to tell you that we’re going to play the Rockade Festiwoll in Germany with our comrades in The Baboon Show and other awesome bands!

And this weekend in the Swiss alps will also be lots of fun by the looks of it!

28th of August – Pitschna Scena, Pontresina
29th of August – ROCK THE DOCKS – gratis open air, Zug
30th of August – PFF FFS 2014 – Säg Salut, Orpund

PFF FFS 2014_Flyer

To see all of the upcoming shows visit the SHOWS tab!
See you/Tiger Bell

Festival summer is here

Summer is finally here in Sweden and we’ve already started our summer tour. Mostly festivals this time. Feels kind of weird (but nice) to play just one show at a time instead of going on tour…

Happy to announce that Malmöfestivalen is added to all festivities! Next show is at Bråvalla Festival. We’re playing at the Juno stage on Saturday the 28th of June at 2 pm. See SHOWS section for more info on upcoming gigs!

Lotta banging the drums Here’s Lotta banging the drums in Linköping. Photo credits Fredric Sommer.

See you!

Summer plans!

No rest for the wicked! Yes, we’ll be playing shows all of the summer too! So many nice festivals coming up that we’ll be a part of. See you there!

23-May Debaser Strand, Sthlm w/ Dolores Haze & Mankind
31-May This Is Hultsfred, Hultsfred
5-Jun P3 Älskar, Linköping w/ Looptroop Rockers & more
7-Jun Liseberg, Göteborg w/ Heavy Tiger, Dregen
13-Jun Adrenalinfestivalen, Örnsköldsvik
28-Jun Bråvalla festival, Norrköping
3-Jul Putte i Parken, Karlstad
5-Jul RosRock Festival, Rossum (NL)
24-Jul Trollrock, Beitostølen (NO)
25-Jul Utkantfestivalen, Skjerjehamn (NO)
1-Aug Storsjöyran, Östersund
16-Aug Musikens Makt, Luleå
21-Aug Malmöfestivalen, Malmö
22-Aug Rock en Seine, Paris (FR)
28-Aug Pitschna Scena, Pontresina (CH)
29-Aug ROCK THE DOCKS – gratis open air, Zug (CH)
30-Aug PFF FFS 2014 – Säg Salut, Orpund (CH)

More TBA!