Not the best news…


I, Lovisa, write this to announce that Tiger Bell is gonna take a break, what we know now, for an indefinite time. The decision is based on that I have other things I dream about and need to do in my life right now. These things are unfortunate hard to combine with playing, recording and touring with TB, at least for now. This has been a very hard decision, but some decisions are necessary, even though they hurt.

Tiger Bell is still my, Lisas, Lotta and Canans baby though. If we all get what we wish for we will be back on stage, touring and record new awesome records <3 But if, and when this would happen is nothing that we have an answer for right now. Love/ Lovisa and Tiger Bell

4 reaktion på “Not the best news…

  1. Hey There! I miss you guys! You all rock!
    I am glad that you are still on Spotify but yearning for new stuff!
    Hopefully there’s a chance to reunite!


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