Spain was great and now France is coming up!

Thanks to all you wonderful people who came out to our shows in Spain. Also big thanks to Dany for organizing the tour and to Emma and Noah for helping us out with merchandise and everything else a band could need. We had a blast and can’t wait to go back!

Now we’re looking forward to heading down to France in two weeks. Unfortunately we found out today that the promotor cancelled the last show in Angouleme on the 5th of July. Apparently their PA system broke and also someone has stolen stuff from the bar (that really sucks). But we don’t want a day off, we’d rather play a show. So, HELP NEEDED! We’ll play in Bordeaux the day before and we’ll fly home from Paris the day after. So some place in between would be the best of course. If anyone have any ideas please get in touch! write us at tigerbellmusic at

We will stay play the other two shows as planned!

03-Jul-2015 – Le Galion, Lorient
04-Jul-2015 – Jalles House Rock, Bordeaux

See ya! / xo


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