Upcoming tours

Only a week now until we hit Spain! Glad to be able to tell that we’ll be playing not one, but three shows in France in the beginning of July!

Sp the upcoming dates looks something like this:

26-May-2015 – King Creole, Estepona (ES)
27-May-2015 – Sala Quilombo, Granada (ES)
28-May-2015 – Four Seasons, Castellon (ES)
29-May-2015 – Café Antzoki, Bilbao (ES)
30-May-2015 – Llanes, Asturias (ES)
31-May-2015 – Wurlitzer Ballroom, Madrid (ES)
03-Jul-2015 – Le Galion, Lorient (FR)
04-Jul-2015 – Jalles House Rock, Bordeaux (FR)
05-Jul-2015 – Le Mars, Angouleme (FR)

See you on tour!
/Tiger Bell-ers


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